Botanic Web Page in Asp.NET C# , and SQL

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This web page is app that uses .Net framework (4).
The site has been used as MS SQL 2008 R2 database program.

To run the site, the DataBase tables must first be created in a database called botanical.

There is a sql file named script.sql in the Site Files for automatic creation. In this file the sqls are in ms sql
If you run by saying new query, a database is automatically created.

There are only 6 values ​​that must be in aspnet_Scheme in the tables belonging to’s membership page. Insert these values
If you do not, it will give an error that the version does not fit while the site is running. You can find these values ​​from microsoft.msdn or found in the framework
By running aspnet_resql.exe, you can automatically create membership tables.

After the database process is finished, all files in the botani.rar file, etc., are created in studio by creating a new website project.
Change the database connection string named botanatikConnectionString in the Web.Config file to its dabase ip and username and password.

You can now run the website.

There are 16 advanced sql queries used in the site in file.

calisma.dm2 is the database design prepared in case studio.

This project can be used free of charge for training purposes. Please share all files with public.


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