Ozan Ozenoglu

Highly analytical, hands-on, dynamic and flexible computer engineer with 5 years of experience in various different fields such as consumer electronics to web applications and mobile applications. I love to R&D robust, stable and maintainable codes. For the last three years, I am working as a Linux embedded software engineer but on the other hand, I also keep using high-level programming languages such as Python and Java for my hobby projects.


Nermin Mehmet Cekic Anadolu Lisesi

Ankara /Turkey : 2003-2007

               NMCAL was the 4th highest ranked high school in Ankara when I was accepted to the school. Some lectures had been taught in English, so we had one yearlong English course for the first year. I was the captain of the ping pong team of my last two years in the school.Even though I wasn’t a hardworking student and had not taken any private courses until the last year ,as many others did, I became the 4400th out of 1.6 million other students in a Turkish National Student Election Exam (OSS) for the University and got accepted to Hacettepe University.

Bachelor Degree Computer Engineering

Hacettepe University Ankara /Turkey 2007-2013

               Hacettepe is one of the best universities in Turkey which is famous for its engineering and medicine faculties. Its world ranking score is between 400-700 according to several ranking institutions. The computer engineering department, which gives 4 years education, was the second highest ranked department in the university after the medicine faculty in 2007. Main focused fields were: Advanced parallel programming, software design, project management, database systems, data structures, OOP and functional programming paradigms, and operating system fundamentals.


Informatik | Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg /Germany


I’ve attended an Erasmus program at Freiburg University which has a good reputation and known for its multicultural environment. Which led me to improve my communication skills and have a better perspective of others’ expectations and their way of thinking which made me a good player in a team and most importantly a future candidate for positions such as scrum master. Apart from that, my favorite lectures were Python programming and software test designs during the Erasmus program.


Long Term Intern 2011 – 2012 (Summer) (3 mos)

Adasoft Consulting and Software Service

  • In 3 months, I’ve developed a plugin for Web Site Content Creator Project. With this plugin, customers can insert and manipulate image resources, create new html tables, add drop-down navigation lists and pop-ups for their existing web sites.
  •  I used .NET core and Visual Basic Language to create this plugin at the same time I’ve also learned HTML, JS, CSS.

Full Stack Developer 2013 – 2014 (9 mos)

Innova Bilişim A.Ş

  • Worked in the core team as a full stack developer and used C#, Sencha ExtJs and MsSQL. Project Link: (https://www.innova.com.tr/dokuman-yonetimi/)
  • Added many new features to existing pages and fixed various bugs
  • Reimplemented the existing mobile project with the new Sencha Mobile Framework
  • Added electronic signature feature to the mobile project

Android Developer 03.16 – 04.17 (1 year 2 mos)

Vestel Electronic A.Ş

  • Worked as an Android developer for the Android TV project
  • Developed a preference menu and its submenus with interfaces for Android TV
  • Fixed various issues related to screen and audio problems
  • Made several small customization tasks for different kind of customer profiles

Embedded Software Engineer 04.17 – 06.19 (2 years 2 mos)

Airties Wireless Technology Corp.

  • Worked closely to other team members from the Customization Development Team to Q&A and DVT as a software engineer in the Core Wireless Development Team of R&D Department, and always tried the best for their needs and requirements
  • Programming in C for Linux network stack, linux user space & kernel space modifications.
  • Worked closely to driver stack and implemented some parts of 802.11v and 802.11k wireless protocols with their userspace interfaces
  • Experienced in WireShark by detecting wireless related communication problems with good knowledge of action and management frames and wireless protocols
  • Knowledge of standards  and requirements  for steering  approaches  for wireless stations that under low signal strength for better overall throughput quality
  • Developed an image processing application for Android devices using OpenCV via blinking LEDs on the device, also with, an embedded program that blinks the LEDs.

Embedded Software Engineer 07.19 – Current (8 mos)

RedPine Software ( TTTech Izmir)

  • I’m working in the framework integration team for an existing AUTOSAR framework named MotionWise which is created by TTTech in 2018. Our team is responsible to safely integrate the MotionWise framework into a customer-specific board where real-time QNX operating system runs on Intel Denverton chip. I’m mainly using C , Python for this project.Since Automotive Industry is a safety-critical domain, as a team we had to get prepared for the first 5 months with several workshops and self-study learning activities before starting the project. During this “onboarding” time, I’ve learned of architectural concepts of AUTOSAR,  ISO26262 Standards, and safety requirements of the project. For a 1.5 mos, I’m responsible for the Integration of the Logging Service, RA tools which are python based programs for communicating and configuring the MotionWise services.
  • Now I’m a member of the core team where we are responsible for WatchDog and Host Supervision Services of the Vector Stack. I’m creating unit test cases, writing unit design document and review software architectural design document as my current responsibilities.

*Referances will be provided in demand